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electric mopeds electric scooters

electric mopeds electric scooters electric mopeds electric scooters electric mopeds electric scooters electric mopeds electric scooters
Product name : electric mopeds electric scooters Item : HR-020 black
HR020-1 AND HR020-2 With EEC approved  ,it can export to any Europe countries.
Packing: With iron frame  carton
battery specification:  12V25Ahx5
battery type:Silicon Crystal Bettery (Lithium Battery Optional )
Rated power :1500W/60v brushless DC hub
Max Power:2000w
rated load:150kg
range per charge:≥70km
charging time: 8h 
climbing ability: ≥25
Brake:  Front/rear disc
Basic configuration: 10''x3.5 wheels, 
Model Motor Battery Type Speed Range 
HR-series  500w60v 48v25ah Silicon    35 km/h 70  km
HR-series  800w60v 48v25ah Silicon    40 km/h 60  km
HR-series 1000w60v 48v25ah Slicon    42 km/h 60  km
HR-series 1200w60v 60v25ah Silicon   45 km/h 75  km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v25ah Silicon   45 km/h 70  km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v30ah Silicon   45 km/h 80  km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v20ah Lithium   45 km/h 70  km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v30ah Lithium   45 km/h 90  km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v40ah Lithium   45 km/h 120 km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v30ah Lithium   55 km/h 60  km
HR-series 1500w60v 60v40ah Lithium   55 km/h 90  km
HR-series 2000w72v 72v30ah Lithium   60 km/h 90  km
HR-series 2000w72v 72v40ah Lithium   60 km/h 120 km
HR-series 3000w72v 72v30ah Lithium   75 km/h 80  km
HR-series 3000w72v 72v40ah Lithium   75 km/h 120 km
HR50Z HR080Z HR014Z 5000W72V 72v40ah Lithium Battery     
Max speed 150km/h range 100km         
HR50Z HR080Z HR014Z 5000W72V 72v40ah Lithium Battery     
Max speed 120km/h range 140km
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If you want to buy escooters or any questions ,PLS Send Inquiry to escooter2010@hotmail.com
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