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why use electric scooter ?

Author : Haoren Electric Vehicle Date : 2010-12-9 11:35:25

We invite you to the reality of a new clean, green, pollution free future.

?Why use Electric scooter

? Electric scooters are emission free.
? Electric scooters can tap into the new greener forms of electricity generation.
? Electric scooters are energy efficient.
? Electric scooters are quiet and smooth.
? Electric scooters have very low fuel costs.
? Electric scooters have few moving parts, so maintenance is very low.
? Electric scooters are simple to use, and easy to re-fuel. Just plug them in at home. No more trips to the service station.
? Electric motors are high torque and need no gear boxes, nor starter motors, alternators, fuel tanks, exhaust pipes. Just turn the key and twist the throttle.

Saving Calculation

  Petrol scooter Electric scooter
Fuel price per litre VS kwh 1.5 Euro 0.15Euro
Average distance traveledper litre VS kwh 15km 18km
Km traveled per year per scooter 12,000km 12000km
Yearly fuel expense 1200Euro 100Euro
Number of years 4 4
Battery Cost 0 200 Euro since 2nd year
Labour cost 1000Euro 0
Energy savings per scooter 1st year 2300-100=2200Euro
Energy savings per scooter 2nd year 4600-400=4200Euro
Energy savings per scooter 3rd year 6900-700=6200Euro
Energy savings per scooter 4th year 9200-1000=8200Euro

Why an Haoren Electric Scooter?

Haoren scooter – the wheels. No pistons, crank shafts, valves, gears, chains, etc. No spark plugs or oil to change, no carburettors, no tuning, no hot exhaust pipes, and no smelly petrol or oil to mess around with.

And no noise or polluting exhaust fumes. Traditional petrol scooters create more pollution than a car, weight for weight, whereas Haoren scooters produce no fumes at all. And if you purchase your electricity through the green energy scheme, you will not be creating any emissions whatsoever from using your scooter.

And with rising fuel costs, Haoren Scooters are on their own. Fuelling up doesn't cost much more than leaving a couple of lights on at home. Typically,The electricity for charging is the fuel and costs about 7p per 70-80km. (The charger works on 230 V and charges in less than seven hours),Just plug the charger into a power point and in 7 hours you've filled the “tank” from empty. If you charge it every chance you get, you'll do it even quicker. Charge it at work, at home, anywhere there's a power point.

In addition to personal benefits, society at large also realises economic benefits from increased Electric scooter use. Cleaner air reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases and their associated health care costs. Widespread use could also reduce pressure for more roads and road maintenance.

Haoren Scooters look good, go well, are smooth and quiet to ride, and are today's solution to rising fuel costs, greenhouse gas production, and environmental degradation. They use less fuel, create less pollution, make no noise, and are fun to ride.

Retired people want to venture outdoors or pop into town, but are not always able to pedal easily. They will like the idea of the instant assistance provide by the range. Commuters facing traffic jams day in and day out, spiraling costs of car ownership, road tax and congestion charges, will find Haoren scooter the first choice to a real alternative.

Join the move to environmental sustainability, save yourself some money, and have a fun time — on an Haoren Electric Scooter. We will all benefit due to efficient and clean transportation. Greater social, economic and environmental benefits can be gained by reducing petrol dependency, air pollution, and the subsequent greenhouse effects. 
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