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High oil prices, how to choose the most suitable times of pure electric vehicles

Author : zhejiang haoren electric vehicle Date : 2012-1-19 15:37:33
Recently, as the international crude oil prices topped $ 87 a barrel, the domestic oil prices rose 70% following the 2009 again after a substantial increase in all sectors of the "charge do not drink oil," the expectations of pure electric vehicles is also growing. So what kind of pure electric vehicles is the most suitable for real needs? The author is most concerned about from a consumer affordable, reliable, practical and other aspects of analysis, we make a reference.

Low cost of ownership for real needs

As a blend of traditional automotive technology and new energy technologies, the two advantages of a new car, a pure electric vehicle with a conventional car is different advantages: the use of electric drive, the charge can be driven on the road, the owner no longer need to worry about rising oil prices; car can also enjoy state subsidies; use of lower cost, almost zero maintenance.

However, due to high technology, production capacity is small, the price of pure electric cars are often gone. Survey, 83% of people actually willing to go out and buy new energy vehicles on the premise that the car's price is only higher than they are now using less than 10%. According to the current general level of China's car consumption, the price of less than 100,000 electric vehicles, more realistic buying needs.

Mature technology and high performance protection

As the essence of pure electric vehicles, or cars, car prices requires not only to master the new energy technologies, but also test car prices in the traditional automotive manufacturing R & D and the overall strength of the vehicle, and car-enterprise integration of new energy technologies and the integration of traditional automotive technology Yu capacity. The maturity of new energy technologies, directly affect the quality and performance of the vehicle, but also the ability to mass production and new energy vehicles to enter the market of the premise.

Overall, SAIC, Chery and other technical advantages of the more obvious vehicle car prices, the new energy automotive technology maturity is relatively high. Chery, for example, the vehicle control systems, motors and motor control systems, battery management systems and key components have reached the international advanced level of technical maturity is evident, and has a production capacity.

Small lightweight travel more suited to urban transport

This is a most consumers are easily overlooked factor. In fact, small, lightweight electric vehicles, to improve people's livelihood and urban transportation, and energy saving is significant, in terms of price, performance and energy consumption, can meet the general needs of the family, so much of people's like.

First, small, lightweight, automobile consumption in foreign countries has become the mainstream.

Second, the size and weight can reduce vehicle weight, saving power output, saving money, zero emissions, while the price is lower. To Chery Ruiqi-M1EV example, a hundred kilometers consumption below 12 degrees, according to the current 0.6 yuan price calculation, less than $ 8, to enjoy the national policy of subsidies, the price of conventional gasoline vehicles and prices are pretty, outstanding economic performance, vehicle cost-effective, very worth the wait.

Third, the environmental pressure is greatest cities, but cities traffic is rather special, people buy cars mainly as a means of transport to work, less demanding mileage, speed is not too fast, and small car parking spaces occupied by small size, can be said that small electric vehicles to satisfy the requirements of urban conditions more suitable for the needs of the city.

States on the development of small electric vehicles are also given high priority. Science and Technology in 2008, when the project set up a "small electric vehicles" special.

It is understood about the market, small lightweight has done better with Chery QQ3EV, Ruiqi-M1EV Ruiqi-M3 EV and Nissan LEAF and other models.