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Pick-up lithium battery market share

Author : lithium battery market share Date : 2012-1-18 10:36:36
Lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride batteries is inevitable. As prices continue to decline, lithium-ion battery to replace lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries to accelerate the rate.

In consumer electronics, lithium-ion battery is almost completely replaced the latter two. Smart phone battery needs about 50% growth this year, the Tablet PC market demand for lithium growth rate of over 230% this year, next year will continue its rapid growth.

Penetration of electric tools in the field of about 70%, followed by the next field instead of the electric bicycle battery, UPS, electric vehicles and grid storage.

The data show that lithium battery electric bicycle market penetration of about 2.5% in 2011, a substantial decline in the price and lead-acid battery industry consolidation in the context of the cost advantages of lithium-ion batteries will become more apparent, a rapid penetration of the growth.

Specifically, the first half of last year, a group of bicycle lithium price 1200-2000 yuan, and the current lithium only 800-1200 yuan. Bicycle lead-acid batteries currently $ 400 price to $ 600 price advantage continues to drop.

Predicted that by 2015, lithium-ion battery electric bicycle field penetration will reach 20% to 30%, the formation of 6 billion -90 billion market size, the size of the lithium-ion battery market to enhance the rate of 15% or more.

In addition, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) more and more new products began to use lithium. Huawei and ZTE base stations, mobile communications companies tend to use the power of new products are lithium. Currently, UPS lead-acid battery market is about $ 12 billion. If lithium in which the penetration rate reached 30%, lithium market will grow by about 10%.

The outbreak of lithium application market growth opportunity lies in electric vehicles. Each 50kWh of electric vehicles, equivalent to about ten thousand batteries required for the iPhone battery. If the pure electric vehicle sales reached 300,000, you can make double the market size of lithium.

Required a huge amount of battery energy storage plant, the more cost-sensitive, a subdivision in this area, lead-acid and lithium on the nickel-metal hydride battery replacement will take longer.

Raw materials, our data show that in 2008 the world's known reserves of 28.66 million tons of lithium (equivalent to lithium), lithium carbonate converted into 1.5 million tons, of which 20% of the economically recoverable. Relative to the current global annual demand of about 10 million tons of lithium carbonate, lithium resources are plentiful.