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Improve the environmental remediation of lead batteries is still huge room for development

Author : development Date : 2012-1-18 10:41:23
In 2011, frequent throughout the country the "blood lead contamination," and constantly tingling nerves of society. Groups of sad even anger, the figures with those of local lead-acid battery manufacturers around the lead smelting business or related to a time, long history and very promising lead-acid battery industry, seems to have become in the eyes of the public "black industry", people "talk about the mere mention of lead."
In response to these media, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yang Yusheng said: those low-level redundant construction, production and environmental technology SMEs is behind the "blood lead level event" is the culprit, lead-acid battery industry itself is not a polluting industry. Many companies also admitted that the regular battery, lead-acid batteries in the course without any pollution, and pollution as long as strengthening the management of production, is completely controllable.

Data indicate that the current lead-acid battery manufacturer in China about 2000, but the scale of 500 million yuan output value of enterprises is only 200 or so, the rest of the 1800 SMEs, and some did not produce the license, permit and some have it is difficult to achieve cleaner production standards. It is these qualifications is not enough, serious pollution of SMEs to the entire cast of black lead-acid battery industry.

"A lot of people think, lead-acid batteries represent the backward technology, the prospects are not widely applied, in fact, this is an erroneous understanding." Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University, Professor Chen title body, the current lead-acid battery as a very mature technology , accounting for 70% of the battery market. If you leave the lead-acid battery, then with the battery all the relevant sectors, industries will face paralyzed.

April 2011, by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry carried out jointly by nine ministries and commissions such as the 2011 environmental protection special action into effect, the primary task of which is a comprehensive investigation into lead-acid battery business of environmental law issues. This Ben Wang believes that the rigidity of lead-acid battery demand is always there, and does not rectify to reduce the short term, other cells can not be replaced; the state should regulate the industry for the remediation of lead-acid battery to "playing with pull" approach, regulation by the industry on the one hand to eliminate non-standard business, on the one hand to speed up transformation and upgrading of lead-acid battery, a positive development for the industry to open up the channel. The companies have a production environment and the subjective from the objective behavior of workers two-pronged approach to prevention and control of pollution, and environmental protection through the production of test equipment upgrades to reduce pollution; working life of employees through the conduct of education, guidance, resulting in subjective norms reduce the probability of contamination of workers.

It is reported that more than 3,000 Chinese enterprises lead-acid batteries, through environmental regulation, only the remaining 1961, two-thirds of them may even be shut down, but China is still broad prospects for development lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery applications is constantly expanding. As long as lead-acid battery industry to seriously improve the environmental remediation, and better implement environmental protection, improve the technological content, lead-acid batteries in the future for a long period of time, there is still huge room for development.