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Author : import electric scooters import e-scooters china Date : 2012-5-7 18:53:49
if you are from Europe ,usa,or canada .
you can import ECE electric scooters from china manufacturer, import  EEC e-scooters from zhejiang exporter ,import  EEC escooters from china supplier , import  EEC el-scooters seller from Zhejiang china.
 Zhejiang haoren the leading experienced e-scooter manufacturer in Zhejiang . We produce high power, great performance and good quality import  EEC e-scooter  ,electric bikes and electric moped with EEC Electric Bicycles.
you can import  EEC e-scooter  from china with EEC certificate from Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd..
Welcome to be our import  Electric Bikes Dealers ,import  Electric Bicycles Agents ,import electric scooters Distributors.
VCA(EU)-EEC & COC certificate NHTSA(USA)-DOT & EPA certificate .