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fast charging stations for electric scooter should be perfect

Author : fast charging stations for electric scooter Date : 2012-1-18 10:29:55
With increasing age the development of electric scooter, electric scooter in recent years, one kind to the "fuel" of convenience rapid charger (hereinafter referred to as quick charger) into the spotlight, whether it is street electric scooter repair shop or small shops, kiosks door, one can see such a quick charger, its convenient, fast very popular. However, many of Zhengzhou, said consumers complained to the reporter, convenient charger for electric vehicle charging consumers "Quejinduanliang."

Fast charging "shrink" is so great

One consumer said she called Ms. Ma with a fast charging station in the same amount of money to the electric charge, the original charge 20 minutes can run 10 km, and is now charging 20 minutes with 8 km are not run, she thinks fast charging the services of the more "shrink".

Mr. Zhang is also reflected in Zhengzhou public, he at different locations on different types of fast charger electric charge the same time, some run away, some running nearly up to the time, charging less than the normal way to run more than 60 percent.

Ma based on the consumer to reflect the situation on January 13, a reporter looking for a power run out of electric scooter first came to the University Avenue is located in Zhengzhou City, the Yangtze River Road, a fast charging station for charging the test. This electric scooter repaired at the door stood two quick charger, battery charger out of every two thread at the same time as two electric vehicle charging fees for each investment dollar coin can charge for 10 minutes, in the fast charger on the time display.

Reporters put $ 1 coin, a 10-minute electric charge. Repair Shop owner told reporters recharge a dollar each able to run fifty-six km. Reporters ride this scooter has just been charged electric scooter driving along University Avenue just north of 4.2 km, cycling will be dead. Afterward, the reporter went to the cart and construction of Zhengzhou University of North Road intersection, another fast charging stations, and charge a dollar coin coin, the reporter rode along the construction road vehicle drove to the Purple Mountain Park, traveling 3.8 km , the electric scooter again without electricity.

Then, the reporter found a garden on the road fast charging station, charging stations, this boss told reporters that the minimum recharge of $ 2 is also assured reporters recharge can run 10 minutes 5 km correspondent recharge for 20 minutes, after the correspondent of the electric scooter driving less than 8 km no electricity again.

Quick Charger more than the "three noes"

Beijing-Guangzhou, Zhengzhou City, the Huaihe River Road Interchange Road and a newsstand are also arrayed a fast electric scooter charger, fast charging stations on the surface only the "Running fast-charging stations," the words and charging a service fee and phone, searched the charging station manufacturers have seen indicate the products and site implementation of standards and other information. Then in the Beijing-Guangzhou Road World's a electric scooter charging stations, the reporter also saw a rapid charger, this charger does not specify the make the same surface site and other information.

In the Navigation Road and Pik Road Interchange, a fast charging station, the reporter saw two shows that × × brand rapid charger, the two chargers "body," with the Zhengzhou × × company's words, but also marked in a prominent position on the patent and the patent number is, the reporter followed by inquiries that, this number is not the patent number, just applied for a patent.

This reporter interviewed Henan Yuda Lawyer Qi Yongzhi, he said that the patent application number only shows that the invention has been patented and proprietary products can not be called, did not get the product patented product is clearly marked so illegal.

Ruhe Road in Zhengzhou City, the one with the barberry road electric vehicle repair sector stood before two different size quick charger, the two chargers difference? Repair Shop owner admitted to reporters: "These chargers are available for free on our manufacturers, and management owned repair shop, but every dollar will recharge points to the factory 0.55. And part of the market is" fishing " quick charger, that is just coin, as to how much charge can not be measured, that the white light money regardless of charge, and I here had the effect of the charger is not very good, this has put two new chargers for customer use . "

Garden Road and agriculture in the way an electric scooter repair shop, the reporter saw the charger here already dilapidated. This boss to reporters, said: "so old chargers and certainly can not compare the quality of newly installed general electric scooter owners take into account not spend much money, generally will not find a home rights we already contact the manufacturer to repair, but had long time no one had come. "

As soon as possible fast charger standard

January 13, Reporters learned from Henan Province Quality and Technical Supervision, China's rapid charging stations for electric scooter , electric scooter and so-called quick charge using a new energy performance standards related to vehicles not yet introduced, appearing on the market fast charging stations Fast charger with the manufacturers on their own performance standards are developed, and its commitment to consumers by charging only the quality of corporate self-regulation.

January 13, Henan General Tao Chengchuan Consumers Association, told reporters, according to incomplete statistics, Zhengzhou electric scooter ownership of 40 million units, almost every scooter electric scooter have used the experience rapid charger, since Quick Charger manufacturer performance standards can not be introduced on the market to provide consumers with fast-charging stations of varying quality charger, the ultimate benefit of consumers by the loss of, or, to get consumers to truly enjoy the genuine service not only by the manufacturer self-discipline, more importantly, the relevant functional departments of the regulation, if the lack of regulation in this area, the market is bound to the negative direction.

Henan University of Economics and Law Professor Xu Qiangsheng clearly pointed out, causing the charger to charge "Quejinduanliang" The main reason is the lack of functional monitoring production processes, because there is no performance standards, many are afraid to play fast charger Make the site, do so The purpose is to avoid the regulatory functions, it can not check the quality of the factory.

School of Public Administration, Zhengzhou University, Professor Hu Yang told reporters that promote green travel in today's electric scooter become more and more ordinary urban public transport carrying the tools, the market will inevitably continue to grow; as fast charging stations for consumers there is a demand, then the relevant departments of the implementation of standards should be promptly introduced, the only way to the good production quality. Professor Hu final recommendations, the relevant departments shall timely research for new things to implement the regulatory responsibility, to regulate the fast-charging stations, gas stations can detect oil the same as for its planning and management, regular inspection and transparent consumption, while improving convenience charger should be delivery point threshold to remove fake, "fishing products", and effectively allow consumers to enjoy genuine service, value for money.