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elektrisches Motorrad Manufacturer in china | Welcome to be our elektrisches Motorrad Dealer ,Agent ,Distributor

Author : elektrisches Motorrad Date : 2011-1-23 16:19:03
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Zhejiang Haoren electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. -- China Top elektrisches Motorrad Manufacturer.
Welcome to be our Dealers ,Agents ,Distributors (can use your Logo) 
you can start with one sample, any questions Email us ! 
 The best quanlity's  elektrisches Motorrad  and After-service we supply.
gene_hjp@hotmail.com   Tel: 0086-15868355819 Skype: genehjp
Many China elektrisches Motorrads have EEC certificate,ECE certificate,COC certificate ,CE
DOT certificate,EPA certificate.
Americas :   United States (USA)   Canada   Mexico  Argentina  Brazil 
Others Europe countries : Switzerland Turkey        Russia  
EU (European Union): 
Oceania:     Australia            New Zealand  
Africa:         South Africa       Egypt  

France          England                England           Estonia       Romania     
Scotland       Greece                  Spain              Germany     Slovakia
Malta             Netherlands          Austria            Holand         Poland
 Asian :       China  Singapore  Thailand    Hong Kong Korea   Japan           
                  Arab Emirates (UAE)   Taiwan  Saudi Arabia United
 Portugal        Slovenia               Cyprus             Italy             Denmark      
Findland       United kingdom      Ireland            Sweden  
Latvia            Lithuania               Luxembourg               Hungary
Belgium         Bulgaria                Czech Republic   

elektrisches Motorrad with EEC certificate can sell in EU countries directly.    HR-010,HR-030,HR-020
elektrisches Motorrad with DOT certificate can sell in USA, Canada directly.   HR-010,HR-030
elektrisches Motorrad with Pedal power < 500W can sell in USA ,Canada,Australia directly.  
HR015,HR033,HR034,HR036,HR038,HR039,HR-CS with PEDAL.Any elektrisches Motorrads.
Other countries dont need EEC or DOT certificate so can sell any Series elektrisches Motorrad models.