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Electric scooter should be slow to start in Winter

Author : electric moped in winter Date : 2012-1-18 11:27:46
Cold winter weather, the electric moped frequently "strike." Maintenance staff, said the problem mostly in the battery, and some dissatisfaction with the electric moped battery charging, battery electric scooters filled with some power, but not enough. Cold weather batteries for electric vehicles have an impact on, the user should pay attention to the maintenance of electric mopeds .

Mr. Liu, who lives in Century City Heights Development, told reporters: "2 electric moped on the morning ride to work zone, resulting ride embankment near the ridge suddenly no electricity, electric mopeds , only with the pedal, the delay time. Just replace battery and the electric charge of the night, how could this problem? "The same problem also appears in Chen, who lives in the public area of the estate she had got electric moped . "The recent battery electric vehicles are often full of shows, but the real power is not enough. Fully charged before you can ride in the unit with a back and forth between home and now need a way to use the pedal, very inconvenient."

Reporters in an electric moped service station, understand that the majority of electric scooters on the market using a lead-acid battery, this battery is affected by the outside temperature is relatively large, the temperature is too low when the battery storage capacity will decline. Pit them are reminding people to ride electric vehicles: "pay attention to the winter maintenance of electric mopeds , electric mopeds in time for the daily charge, as full-time to ensure that the battery quality slow speed when the bike started, do not accelerate too much impact on battery life. "