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electric moped knowledge in China

Author : electric moped knowledge in China Date : 2012-1-29 12:59:40
In addition-wheel drive what way? Most electric moped in Japan in the shaft-driven approach using, for two main reasons: First, Japan's electric moped under the law must be based on manpower to assist the power output, pedal force must be measured in the axial installation force measurement institutions ( sensor), the drive mechanism and the measured force institutions synthetic one. Second, Japan's lack of efficient disk-shaped motor manufacturing resources, some Japanese-made electric wheel hub with domestic electric compared in terms of dimensions or less from the weight on both the (great shape and weight). There is also a friction drive, that is passing through the tire friction force, the advantage is through the power wheel and tire diameter than the formation of their slow, omitted a reduction gear. Motor output directly drives the tire. But also very obvious weaknesses, bicycle tires are often lost or distorted circle, and this directly affects the reliability of transmission efficiency and institutions. Therefore, you must use thicker, wider tires and rims so special is not easy to deformation or loss of a round, so that routine maintenance and replacement parts are very inconvenient. -Wheel drive mode and compared to the two you mention, and what advantages and disadvantages? There are many advantages. First, the electric wheel independent, closed, not by other parts of the interference, reliability (eg: the frame axis method is very dependent on the manufacture of precision, friction drive should also have good accuracy and with the installation of tires, steel ring directly related); second is a high transmission efficiency; third is the maintenance more convenient. Disadvantages are: First, the manufacturing costs are high; the second is the appearance point of view, too simple, make people doubt their value, many consumers can not understand why the wheels of such a small value so much money? Some dealers had falsely claimed, "This is the import of" to eliminate the psychological barriers to the customer, in fact, only the Chinese electric moped were exported to foreign countries, how the import of electric moped . What are the characteristics brushless motor? Brushless motor because there is no brush, its biggest advantage is fundamentally eliminate brush wear, do not brush due for replacement, but the noise is small. But the high manufacturing cost brushless motor, some manufacturers do not want to use. What are the advantages brush motor and quality risks? As the name suggests, brush because the brush motor, the main risk is the "brush wear and tear", the user should be noted that the brush motor is divided into two kinds of teeth and no teeth. Many manufacturers use a tooth brush motors, it is a high-speed motor, so-called "teeth" is the agency through the gear, the power to lower speed (due to the national standard of electric moped per hour shall not exceed 20 km, so the motor speed should be at 170 rev / min or so). As high-speed motor through the gear, it is characterized when the riders start feeling powerful, and climbing ability. But the electric wheel hub is closed, just before leaving the factory filling the lubricant (oil), the user is difficult for routine maintenance, and mechanical wear of the gear itself, about a year due to insufficient lubrication of the gear wear and tear, noise increases, the use of when the current is increased, affecting the motor and battery life. Another no tooth brush motors, it is a low-speed motor, no gear body, its power and climbing ability of relatively weak performance of some, but the safe operation of the (small impact), brush wear less (the low-speed characteristics of the decision Wear a brush with tooth brush motor only 1 / 16 or so), less noise (due to no gear reduction) is its significant advantages.Electric moped in china.