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electric bicycle running red lights is common

Author : electric bicycle running red lights in china Date : 2012-1-19 15:32:33
Yesterday 08:41, morning rush hour is not yet over, Yuhua road traffic is still rolling. Green Street in the mouth, an electric bicycle through a red light, collided with a taxi left turn, electric bicycle was knocked.

According to a police officer of the king, the accident occurred, bike taxi from east to west, take left turn lanes, intends to turn left heading south along the Green Street, hit the bike bike straight from west to east . 8:41 Xu, this intersection go straight east-west direction into the red lights, turn left into the green lights, the bicycles began to release the left, waiting for the taxi started moving into the intersection when the middle, the red light go straight over the bike, just was left in a taxi knocked, but fortunately incidents are not serious.

Yesterday 9:30 Xu, reporters observed at this intersection for 20 minutes, found that red light bike, electric bicycles more. This intersection is the arrow-style lights, lights from green to red if you go straight, left turn signal lights from red to green, the straight part of the bicycle, electric bicycles often ignore red lights, turn left directly from the vehicles Chuangguo Qu, and when the left turn straight red lights and signals at the same time, the vast majority of bicycles, electric bicycles will stop and wait.

In the intersection, a traffic police on duty, bicycles, electric bicycles running red lights is widespread, red lights if the front straight, left and right turn signals do not control whether the light is red, all your bicycle, electric vehicle to stop wait, because then the left transfer of motor vehicles are generally more eager to pass through this intersection, if the bicycle, electric bicycles running red lights, is very easy and left vehicle collision.