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Buyers guide: how to dentify electric moped and electric bike?

Author : dentify electric moped and electric bike Date : 2012-1-19 16:17:41
This allows novice better understand, prepare to buy a moped so that the majority of the riders have a reference, so that the riders have a moped consumption plainly, of course, this can not cover all the details, but from a number of important components to be compared, which can be distinguished from the electric moped or electric bike . Welcome to explore.

Said first frame, this is the most important of all vehicles is one of the most important parts. Done using different thickness of steel frame, the cost is certainly different; because of the different thickness of steel tube frame, the body's stability also worlds apart - the exercise of power from the front of the grip will be rocking, single-hand the more obvious strong. Electric motor front grip steady, bold can even play "double sell." Therefore, the frame becomes a judge to see your moped is an electric bike or an electric moped from the largest identification methods.

1, the thickness of the frame.

2, the braking system, which brakes. Power from the brake drum or brake are generally holding brake, there are up brake, brake oil, and electric motor configuration is always the main hydraulic disc brake system. Faster, and be sure to have a good braking system.

3, shock absorbers (dampers). Thousands of pieces to buy the moped of course slightly to sit comfortably. Electric shock from all the main spring, as shown from the front of the rocker-style power, and the electric motor is a hydraulic system configuration of the main shock absorber, spring shock supplemented.

4, tire. The use of different wheel hub, so the tires are different. Power of the general ordinary tires and tubes are conventional structure, and the thickness is generally 3.0 or less (first wife of the plant here that, after the modification is not within the scope of comparison). Electric motorcycle tires vacuum tire, the minimum thickness should be 3.5 configuration.

5, motor. This is another important component of all electric bike one (nonsense, not what the motor is also called the electric moped : 3:). Electric power from the motor due to national standards of the electric moped requirements are lower than

500W, 500W, if more than marked, but not the four electric vehicle price is lower than Mott levy and 2,800 yuan, basically confirmed the virtual standard, in order to increase the selling point of the gimmick. Electric motor

Minimum motor power 500W, up sub-file are 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W, if any between the 600W, 700W, 900W is more like the type of power from the virtual standard.

In summary, only from this comparison to identify a 5 is an electric bike or an electric moped since.