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Spontaneous combustion of electric moped ,do not charge unattended

Author : china electric moped Date : 2012-1-29 13:04:39
17th, who lives in Higher Education, said Ms Xu Village: 16 at night, parked my electric moped in the garage of a sudden spontaneous combustion of electric mopeds was burned badly, thanks to the rescue in time, did not cause more fires. Verification reports: "The car was bought in October 2002, riding more than 3 years, such a thing had never happened." Ms. Xu said. As the area of security found early, the crowd's efforts, the fire was brought under control in time, but the electric car is completely different: the battery was totally destroyed, the body, also burned a black handle. 17, the electric car was sent to the maintenance department. Don is responsible for maintenance of electric vehicles, said the master, this car electric moped may be due to spontaneous combustion caused by aging wiring. "Because of Ms. Xu's electric vehicles have been used for several years, the aging electrical wiring inside the door, unplug the key, the friction will produce a high heat, coupled with poor contact, easily lead to grazing spark, cause a fire." electric moped maintenance staff to remind you: electric moped in both cases there may be spontaneous, one in the driving process of spontaneous combustion, spontaneous combustion when the second is in charge, if the charger is charging Redu may lead to increased spontaneous combustion.