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How to charge battery electric scooter to have a longer life time?

Author : charge battery electric scooter Date : 2012-1-16 22:44:12



Charge battery electric scooter is not easy.


1.Not good , ride battery scooter a while ,charge at once .


Battery ‘s lifetime is up to Charge-discharge times.the more you charge , the shorter of Battery’lifetime. But don't charge when all battery use out . Once charge , charge full.Charge full within 30days no matter you drive or not drive.


2.Not good ,Charge too much time.


Most users think that the longer charge ,the more battery gauge have. This is very wrong.

The best charging time is that Charging time is normally extended to the charger for one hour after the lights turn colour(charge time is 10 hours(light turn green) you can extend to charge for 2 hours ).


 longer time and overcharge easily lead to deformation, water loss and so on. Which directly harm the battery lifetime.


3.low battery Prohibition!


  Some users always ride until cant ride again(Battery need rechargeable), battery performance so seriously hurt. Many times the depth of discharge will significantly shorten battery life.




1.   Start launch electric escooter , use the right handel the slower ,the better. At frist turn the handel make the Max speed in a short time . it will hurt the battery.


2.   Use the brake frequently will hurt the battery life. The less use brake the better.


3.The battery can not stick in water, if the rain had wet the case of the battery, or charge occurs touch the water, wipe with a dry cloth in a timely manner;


4.Can not be overloaded, especially in the uphill section can not be overloaded, because suddenly increase the current, the battery will cause damage.


5.The battery charging time must be uniform, can not charge 6 hours tonight, 8-hour charge tomorrow. A charge must be filled, not filled with the use, will reduce the battery life.


6. charging, should maintain good ventilation, non-coverage.


7.Charging, the charger has high pressure and big weight, can not be placed in touch with the children to avoid injury, do not open let them touch touch to avoid electric shock or cause


8.chargers non-water and dust! Different battery with different specifications ,can not be Universal used .