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How to use battery charger in electric motorcycle

Author : battery charger in electric motorcycle Date : 2012-1-19 15:50:23
Battery to be durable and commonly used method is very important to the six
1, charging the battery to ground, to avoid the "deep discharge." Riding the electric motorcycle to use the day to day charge to develop the habit of riding every day no matter how far have the best battery in the full complement of power, do not run out of other recharge.
2, charging to use the facilities of special charger. Different formulations and processes for batteries, the charger is not the same technical requirements, which charge what brand of battery charger, are different, so do not mix charger.
3, charging, charging indicator shows full power, do not immediately stop charging, float should be 2 to 3 hours.
4, for long time, every month to charge a battery to full power after the battery in storage, avoid loss of power in the state can not be stored.
5, in order to protect the battery, the user can use with the charge, but you can not use the pick-up voltage driving, to prevent serious loss of power, battery power, you should turn off the power cycling.
6, the battery charging in the motorcycle should turn off the power door locks, do not charge the battery upside down, as far as possible once a full charge.