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protect the battery of electric bike avoid loss of electricity storage !

Author : the battery of electric bike Date : 2012-1-19 15:57:43
First, avoid loss of electricity storage
    Loss refers to the electric bike battery power state did not charge the battery after use, prone to sulfate, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plates, plug the electric ion channels, resulting in insufficient charging, battery capacity decline.
Power loss the longer the idle state, the more serious battery damage. Idle when the battery should be charged once a month to maintain the battery in a healthy state.

Second, not high-current discharge
Electric bike start, manned, uphill, use pedal power to avoid momentary high-current discharge.

Third, grasp the charging time
  In general, electric bikes charging at night, the average charging time of 8 hours. If the shallow discharge (charge mileage is very short), the battery will soon be filled, there will continue to charge overcharge phenomenon. Therefore, the battery to discharge depth of 60% -70% of charging time is better.

Fourth, to prevent high-temperature exposure
Temperature conditions may cause the battery internal pressure increased, leaving the battery forced automatic pressure limiting valve open, the battery is a direct consequence of increased water loss, and excessive water loss will inevitably lead to battery battery decreased activity, accelerating plate softening, charging housing fever, from the dark shell, deformation fatal injury.

Fifth, we should regularly test
  In use, such as electric bikes to continue the mileage sudden drop in a short time, the battery should be repaired promptly to the professional body for inspection, repair and distribution group.