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Ten major events in the electric scooter industry in 2014 china

Author : www.escooterschina.com Date : 2015-3-4 22:02:52
 1 electric scooter industry usher in a better development environment, harvest reform bonus opportunity.

Release of the Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Construction "on the issuance of guidelines for planning and design of city pedestrian and bicycle traffic system notice" pointed out, walking and bicycle traffic system construction has been incorporated into the atmospheric pollution prevention action evaluation index system, at the same time, the city government to develop green traffic permanent measures. For example, new or expanded pedestrian street, new or extended bike lanes, improving the accessibility of public transport.

2 electric bicycle industry entered a "new normal".

Since this year, has undergone profound changes in the electric bicycle industry development status and external environment conditions: on the one hand, production and sales suffered its first decline in 16 years; on the other hand, requirements specification development of national "strict", the more obvious trend of supervision industry. With the national macroeconomic situation, the industry has really entered the growth slowed, or even negative growth, structural adjustment difficult "new normal" stage.

Amendment 3 electric bicycle GB finished manuscript and report.

After repeated communication, discussion, argument, modification, electric bicycle national standard revision work has made a breakthrough, for the first time in fifteen years to win concessions to the Ministry of public security, GB17761-1999 version of the highest speed, weight and other sensitive index eased. Although the revised electric bicycle GB manuscript has been formally submitted, but eventually the releasing time is not clear.

The convening of the 4 Asia bike industry alliance of the preparations for the conference.

Asia bike industry alliance formed by cross strait industry initiated, has received warm response from Japan, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia and other countries of the industry and support. In October, Asia bike industry alliance preparatory work conference held in Kunshan, delegates to discuss the adoption of the "Asia bike industry alliance standards (Draft)", and it was agreed in 2015 May held in Shanghai the first Asian bicycle industry alliance set up the general assembly.

The 5.2014 Asia bike products exposition of high-profile.

For a period of three days, "exhibition Chinese brand positioning, Asia boutique" 2014 Asia bike products exhibition, in October 12th in Jiangsu Kunshan brilliant over. Although this is Chinese bicycle association organized the first bicycle exhibition in Kunshan, but the "product is exquisite, essence of technology, brand elite" standard display, highlight the China bicycle industry in the new era of temperament and spirit.

The 6 held the first China bike culture development forum.

In the 2014 Asia bike products exhibition held at the same time, "low carbon cycling China 2014" China bicycle development forum also kicked off in Kunshan, and to the "bicycle culture" as the center, the sharing of experience in the field of industry advanced culture construction and development of the industry and outstanding achievements.

7 the first national bicycle, electric bicycle assembly skills competition successfully concluded.

The contest lasted 5 months, from June 28th in Tianjin after the opening, in the nationwide competition in 39 games, 1161 athletes from the 7 main producing areas of the industry launched a fierce competition in each division. Contest sounded the talent team construction work of bicycle industry assembly, in the whole industry set off a practicing skills, advocating technology boom, become a big boost transformation and upgrading of industry structure adjustment.

8 promote the technological upgrading of industry, science and technology innovation service platform industry.

Have founded the industry technology progress and Industry Parts Center Technical Committee to promote the integration of various resources, the construction of public service platform, to further promote the technological transformation of industries, and enhance the industry the capability of independent innovation.

The construction of regional 9 characteristics with a new starting point.

The characteristics of the Regional Forum China electric scooter industry will be held in May in Hebei Pingxiang. This is Chinese bicycle association in 2009 to carry out the regional characteristic of the cultivation work, held the first nationwide industry characteristics area work conference. On behalf of the Hebei Pingxiang, Shandong Yinan, Jinghai, Huangyan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Tianjin Lutai Wang Qingtuo the 6 characteristics of regional and local industry associations to introduce its construction, the mutual exchange of experience, planning the future development of.

10 to strengthen the industry research, in preparation for the introduction of industry 1035 planning.

China bicycle association since May, led by the leadership, batch time-sharing to focus areas, visited the representative enterprise investigation. This not only to grasp the important node of industry operation, accurate analysis and judgement to industry developing situation, more new opportunities, new demand in new period to find out the industry, to adjust development strategy in time, make sure forward-looking industry development planning.