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Rapid development for battery

Author : battery electric scooter Date : 2012-1-18 9:42:52
Battery is no stranger to us, we can say in real life moment we can not do without the battery, the battery life as we partner with us to enjoy the good life. Battery repair battery must first understand the relevant knowledge, give us a presentation following the type of battery.

SonicRun.com⑴ a battery

In various different sizes, shapes, use different battery clan, which can only be used there is a discharge, and in the discharge can not be charged after the recovery obtained by re-use of the battery, we call it a battery, also known as the original battery. That is, the kind used to throw the battery, such as batteries.

⑵ secondary battery

There is also a battery charging electrical energy into chemical energy, discharge the chemical energy into electrical energy, which is discharged after charging method can be used to obtain recovery and can be re-used batteries, we call it secondary battery, That is, you can re-charge - discharge - charge - discharge of the battery, people used to call a rechargeable battery or battery call.

⑶ lead acid batteries

Lead acid battery is the battery of a family, it is mainly characterized by the use of dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte solution made with velvet-like lead and lead dioxide, respectively, as the battery positive and negative, positive and negative sandwiched between the insulation and can smoothly through through the electrolyte separator. Discharge process, both positive and negative changes to lead sulfate, electrolyte acid concentration decreased; charging process, the reduction of lead dioxide anode, cathode reduction of velvet-like lead acid electrolyte concentration. Lead-acid batteries have been developed to 130 years of history, because of its reliable, mature production technology, high cost, large capacity, is the world's largest output, the most used, most widely used battery.

(2) maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid batteries

⑷ VRLA batteries are maintenance-free lead-acid battery family, a general, he was an ordinary lead-acid battery based on the structure and manufacturing process on a number of transformation, a new type of lead-acid derived battery that is widely used, in addition to electric cars as the dominant power, the UPS backup power supply as widely used in many fields such as finance, information, communications, public equipment, control, power reliability, ultra-large scale integrated circuit manufacturing and other industries. Some cars and motorcycles start battery, battery emergency light, some of the equipment built-in battery, etc. are also widely used VRLA maintenance-free battery. Electric vehicles currently use the most is that the basic lead-acid batteries.

As mentioned above, maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid battery is the dominant power electric vehicles, accounting for more than 95%, this electric vehicle batteries have achieved a seal, along with a safety valve (also known as the exhaust valve) . In theory, we do not have to worry about re-use of water in the electrolyte evaporation, and the charging process of decomposition caused by water loss, because there is no need to consider eating like a car battery with the open water and are regularly adjusted as concentration problems. This battery can be placed without any leakage, the capacity is relatively high, and more compatible with driving on a bumpy road use. His life is not to calculate how much time he is required to discharge to the "discharge voltage", and then, a dedicated charger to "charge termination voltage" for a loop, in order to fully charge and discharge cycle of this mode of , the state should be in the life of the battery 350 times. Unfortunately, due to issues such as manufacturers of quality management and electric vehicle batteries, re-use in question, the vast majority of electric vehicle batteries are far less than this value.

The end of 2006 in the national electric scooter ownership is about 30 million. Experts estimate that in the next few years, the national amount of about a million to a large user base, especially in coastal provinces, the proportion is even higher share of electric scooter. There is no doubt that the huge army of the electric scooter users, to repair electric scooter battery rapid development of industry, a solid social basis.