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LiFePO4(LFP) 48V 40Ah battery for electric bicycle/scooter/moped

Author : LiFePO4(LFP) 48V 40Ah battery for electric bicycle Date : 2012-4-20 14:32:10

Features of LiFePO4 battery:

  • High energy density, 150wh/kg
  • Light weight, about 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries
  • Does not contain any toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nor any corrosive acids or alkalies thus making LiFePO4 battery the most environmentally friendly battery chemistry available
  • No memory effect, charge and discharge at any time.
  • Does not suffer from “thermal runaway”
  • Can be used safely in high ambient temperatures of up to 60°C without any degradation in performance
  • High discharge rate capability, 3C continuous, 5C pulse discharge
  • Over 2000 discharge cycles life compared to typically around 300 for lead acid.
  • Safe and reliable, One of the safest / most forgiving / stable chemistries in the lithium family.
  • Extremely low self discharge rate, ≤3%(monthly)(unlike lead acid which will go flat quite quickly if left sitting for long periods).
  • Virtually flat discharge curve means maximum power available until fully discharged (no “voltage sag” as with lead acid battery)