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Haoren Electric scooter and Electric Bike Up to the Task

Author : Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. Date : 2010-12-2 19:06:42

electric scooterTHUNDER BAY - “For every up, there is a down”, that is how Art Burns from Dundas, Ontario describes his journey across Canada on a Haoren Ebike. Burns is sporting his own version of a “playoff beard” on his journey that will take him to Langley, Williams Lake, and 100 Mile House before flying back home to attend his brother’s wedding.

Burns left Dundas, Ontario on May 31st. Over the last nine days he has been traveling to Thunder Bay and expects to be in Langley, British Columbia by June 22nd.

Upon arriving in Thunder Bay, he has traveled trouble free for 1,889 km since leaving Dundas on the 31st of May. “I drive about two to three hours, until the battery gets low,” shares Burns. “Then I either charge it with the generator or if there is a plug-in, I can charge it there”.

The trip has had a couple of adventures already. One of his concerns at first was how truckers and other motorists would react coming up on him on the road. Burns stated that truck drivers have been especially helpful often pulling out to give him lots of room.

In Nipigon, last night, Burns got to see how a young yearling black bear was trapped by MNR at the Nipigon Husky. The bear was engaging the garbage container until he walked into the bear trap.

Burns is riding a 2010 Challenger manufactured by Haoren, which is specially equipped with a small generator to charge his lithium batteries.  The bike is an unmodified bike equipped with Lithium batteries to extend the bike’s range. The standard Veloteq bikes are normally equipped with sealed lead acid batteries which give the bikes a range of up to 80 km between charges.Haoren

This isn’t the first experience Burns has had with Haoren bikes, his first bike racked up 12,180km. Mac Gamble, of Go Green Electric in Thunder Bay states, “There have been absolutely zero problems with the Veloteq bikes, it just goes to show the quality and durability of the e-Bike”.Haoren

If you are interested in seeing a Haoren Ebike, you can drop by the showroom in the Lake Superior Centre at 605 East Victoria Ave.

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