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Need to implement government-driven electric vehicles and industrial two-step strategy

Author : Electric vehicles Date : 2012-1-18 10:18:44
"Electric vehicles have been starting the locomotive industry, the dawn has come, but to complete the historical mission of automotive revolution, the government must implement the industrialization drive and two-step strategy." Chinese Academy of Engineering, CC Chan, Chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association, participating in Chongqing City eight academicians and experts said the station listing ceremony.

Electric vehicles in the automotive revolution, the only way, how can we achieve true industrialization, achieved ultimate success? In response to "Science Times" reporter, CC Chan said that three factors are indispensable: cheap, easy to use, energy conservation. "Now it seems that the hardest part is the first point: how to reduce the cost."

He pointed to the need to tap the vehicle battery's added value, such as when the car is not running, the battery and smart grid, remote control and auto mobile intelligence of things together.

CC Chan stressed that the development of electric vehicles must take two steps: first, government-driven, this has to be full of strategic vision, courage and innovation policy of government to do for R & D institutions, manufacturers, fleet and personal users, and 3 aspects of the incentive money and spirit. In addition to government subsidies, can learn from London to open electric cars do not pay parking fees, to buy electric cars are not Yaohao Beijing and other measures to encourage.

The second is to implement industry, the establishment of new industrial alliances and industrial chain. CC Chan introduced, he would recommend the city of Chongqing as a pilot country intelligent, with Chongqing Two Rivers into the national strategic excellent opportunities for development, leadership ability and "five Chongqing building" a good trend, the information, energy, transportation and security and other elements combine to build a new chain, in order to create a good electric car development environment.

CC Chan pointed out that although the engine of electric car industry was already moving, but must be planned and guided. To promote the development of electric vehicles, is the most important policies and regulations, must be enlightened by the government to be driven, in the industrial chain of thinking to achieve a good product, good infrastructure, good combination of business models, end of the fragmented situation to the final completion of the industrial revolution of electric vehicles.