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Why People ride Electric scooters ?

Author : Electric scooters Date : 2010-11-18 15:20:20

People ride electric scooters because they:

  • crave the feel of stand-up scooting -- like skiing on land;
  • enjoy making local errands fun, quick and easy;
  • like to save money, meet new people, and protect the environment;
  • still need convenient, point-to-point transportation after losing their driving privleges;
  • want their own traffic "lane", convenient parking spots and shortcuts;
  • would use public transportation if they could avoid the "long walk";
  • regularly travel farther than the 1-mile range of kick scooters
  • deserve more fun and freedom in their lives.
For either recreation or transportation, electric scooters offer major advantages over gas-powered scooters:
  1. Electric scooters are allowed on public transit (bus/train/plane); gas-powered scooters are prohibited.
  2. Electric scooters are allowed inside public buildings; gas-powered scooters are prohibited.
  3. Noise and air pollution of gas-powered scooters is eliminated (along with public disapproval).
  4. Due to the simplicity of electric motors, less maintenance is required.
  5. Electric motors provide quick starts and hill-climbing without the delay of gas engine "ramp up".
  6. Although often purchased as a "toy", electric scooters often live long lives as transportation.
We believe these benefits far outweigh the speed and distance advantages of gas-powered scooters. (Long ranges on a scooter are tiring. Consider an electric bike instead.) To help the undecided, we offer a few questions to clarify your thinking.
Electric Scooter or Electric Bike?
- Read what one scooter owner says:
"I bought the Haoren electric scooter mainly for fun, and that it is. It is definitely one cool little electric scooter. Personally though, if I was going to spend money for a transportation vehicle, I would opt for one of the electric motor add-on kits for my bicycle. It would be faster, more comfortable, and if an assist is needed on a hill (or you run out of 'juice'), it seems more natural to pedal a bike than kick the scooter. Bikes, with a rack or trailer, can easily carry extra items."

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