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Electric scooter charging stations will have to follow standard

Author : Electric scooter charging stations Date : 2012-1-18 10:52:18
Electric scooters with no pollution, low noise, energy efficiency, easy maintenance, etc., but trouble charging the most criticized by consumers is the issue. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced that the electric scooter charging interface and communication protocols approved by the four national standards are published and will be March 1, 2012 into effect, will be expected to promote the electric scooter industry in our country's development.

New national standard to fill the gaps

These four criteria are "connected with the electric scooter conductive charging equipment Part 1: General requirements", "electric scooter conductive charging device with a connection - Part 2: AC charging interface," "electric scooter conductive charging device with a connecting part 3 : DC Charging Interface "and" non-scooter electric scooter conductive charging unit and battery management system, the communication protocol between. " These standards by the National Energy Board, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Electricity Council Research Center and other institutions and steam co-drafted.

Prior to this, due to charge electric cars and piles of different manufacturers, often does not match the interface between the two phenomena. In order for electric scooter charging, charging into the need to pile on the universal interface, can be successfully charged. This has seriously affected the consumer's user experience.

Experts pointed out: "two manufacturers had almost no charging port is the same. It's like your hands have the iPhone, but only around the same Nokia charger." Experts also said that if the different types of mandatory charging and docking port , but also a security risk to consumers.

The release of four new national standards, trying to automobile and power grid construction in the connection between the two devices to establish uniform standards, the end of all fields and all car companies in the new energy automobile conflicts, incompatible chaos. The industry believes that this is the second government to strengthen energy-saving and new energy scooter demonstration and promotion operations, to further promote the importance of new energy scooters to promote the initiative.

National network of investment 20 billion yuan to build the proposed charging facilities

December 29, 2011, the State Grid Corporation released a cover battery replacement stations, battery distribution center, distribution stations, three types of battery electric scooter battery charging and power plant engineering for the depth requirements. The three projects will constitute additional energy efficient electric scooter service network, the formation of electric scooter charging network for electric service and reasonable development.

It has been revealed, the national network "second five" will invest 20 billion yuan to build 904 power plants and cradle for charging 233,000 pile, basically covering the company charging area network, to meet the 500,000 electric car development needs.

Electric scooters or major development

"The new national standard release, reflects the Government's strong support of electric scooter industry attitude both for producers and consumers, which are undoubtedly a shot in the arm. Have government support, the electric car industry is bound to skyrocket, to obtain more breakthroughs. "experts said the government's support for electric scooter industry is particularly critical. The release of the new national standard for the industry development in China will play an important role.

From 2012 onwards, the Government will together with the specific operating companies to charge for power plant infrastructure supporting more funding arrangements, and to give policy support. New energy automobile market will be in our industry and market position of both further progress.