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Electric scooter charging hidden risks unattended

Author : Electric scooter charging Date : 2012-1-18 11:38:55
Where your electric scooter charging? With the increasing popularity of electric bicycles, the charging problem by many users attention. Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, recently visited the fire department found that many people like to charge the scooter on the car shed, eliminating the need to carry her down hard on the battery, but this is hidden a great security risk.


In recent years, China's rapid growth of electric scooter ownership in Fuxin, Liaoning Province, bicycle shed many communities have developed electric scooter charging service, on one charge one or two dollars received. Most scooter owners to save down the stairs carrying a heavy battery on the hard work of the service is very welcome. Fuxin City Fire Department Fire Department staff recently visited found that many scooter owners are at home, I started charging for electric vehicles, next morning at work and then unplug the power supply itself, continuous charging time is generally more than 12 hours, carport This operator does not intervene.


This unattended charging, in fact, hidden problems. In early 2011, Fuxin City in the studio to change the region a flat roof to a fire at night, a few electric scooters were burned, suspected cause of the fire is due to electric vehicle charging. May 2011, Jiading District, Shanghai has happened electric vehicle charging circuit caused the fire, killing two people.
Deputy Secretary of Fuxin City Fire breaks in introduction of electric vehicles on a single charge at most only 10 hours, if the charging time is too long, internal electronic components overheat the charger can easily lead to the charger explosion; Once the explosion, the line charger short circuit will be the spark, causing a fire.


In addition, the electric scooter charger so as not to put the scooter , because sometimes bumpy road easily lead to a short circuit within the charger, then charge prone to spontaneous combustion; charge should be placed in the charger easier to heat the place, to prevent charge too long, the charger overheating caused fires; vehicle to avoid the rain, roads and water to prevent water motor, charging circuit on fire.


Breaks in to remind, once the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, scooter owners do not pick up the battery, because the battery in the combustion process is likely to explode. Should be clothes, raincoat flapping hard at the fire, in the initial fire is extinguished in time.