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Electric mopeds are necessary third party liability insurance

Author : Electric mopeds china Date : 2012-1-29 13:10:34
24th management of non-motor vehicles from the city Public Security Bureau has learned that since September, Jiaxing City to carry out special rectification of electric mopeds since the city has more than 40,000 vehicles "eDonkey" for the previous licensing procedures, but some owners do not want to buy $ 20 for non-motor vehicle third party liability insurance. Traffic police department, third party liability insurance of electric bicycles is necessary. Some manufacturers in order to cater to consumers, electric motorized bicycles tend more and more serious, far exceeding the speed. Electric mopeds speeding, manned, and so crowded road is very dangerous, but also easily lead to accidents. According to figures provided by the city traffic police detachment show: since the beginning of this year, the electric moped involved in 135 accidents reported occurred, which caused 16 deaths, 15 of them are electric moped owners. In addition to reported incidents, usually a lot of small accidents. According to the City traffic police directly under a large group of traffic police detachment in the area they control, at least 20 every day since the accident caused by the electric moped , because some owners were not rich and no insurance, often in some of the disputes, and sometimes even casualty treatment will delay the phenomenon. From an economic point of view of compensation, non-motor mopeds third party liability insurance of only $ 20, but can be compensated within a year up to $ 10,000. PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Jiaxing branch office assistant, said Interfax, some electric mopeds owners on the license by the staff will buy insurance, but because of third party liability insurance protection for one year, a year later, the initiative to renew few owners. To this end, the traffic police department ask the owners of the speed control must be within the limits prescribed in the country; the other hand, recommended that owners not only to purchase third party liability insurance, it is best to buy an individual insurance company to go their own insurance.