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Electric bike's anti-theft ways

Author : Electric bike anti-theft ways Date : 2012-1-19 14:33:26
Electric bikes have become an important tool for the Chinese people travel, their convenience, environmental protection, energy saving, safe, durable characteristics, the majority of consumers, especially working-class welcome, as the majority of urban and rural residents to travel by short ideal transport. But related problems come one after another, including electric bicycle theft is particularly troubled by the consumer's problem so that the electric bike anti-theft hard to detect, in the end there is no way to allow security events to reduce, or even to prevent its happening? Small series summarizes the three relatively effective, with the hope for electric bicycle users to provide some suggestions.

Management of household electric vehicles to electric bikes --- ID card issued

Robbery at present in view of the incident electric bicycles increasingly, many areas have developed electric bicycle "household" of management, management of household electric bicycles, electric bikes to crack has been plagued by theft detection difficult, difficult to solve the case after the stolen goods, stolen goods after the hair harder problem, and effectively help the government better manage electric bicycle.

Police, traffic police squadron set up a "household" of management free registration point, the electric bicycle owners can be close to, free to the police station, traffic police squadron to register. Dongyang bike as long as the nearest to the main police station, traffic police squadron, incident handling point for the bike and other places you can apply for "identity.

Since May 1, Dongyang start electric bicycle theft register, gather information, and license plate issued to the owners, which means that the electric bike with Dongyang "identity card", began to "household" of management.

"Household management" so that each bike has a license, and secretly left the small easy disposal of stolen goods, the possibility of recovery will be great. When the alarm as long as the owner reported the license or provide relevant documents, it will not get back the bike but can not find the owner of the situation.

Way involved in the management of the government, although some mandatory, but is an effective way, after all, rely on the power of individuals is not enough.

Invention of new anti-theft alarm --- to add a little technology

The new anti-theft devices typically have some technical content, so the thief on the elusive electric bikes.

1) Jiangsu Province, Mr. Zhang has 11 stolen bicycles, four electric vehicles, 11 electric vehicle batteries. To this end, Zhang finally invented the anti-theft identification system through the "trick", so that electric vehicles using this technology, "open, steal or take, sell."

Principle: The owner of the personally identifiable information input electric vehicle controller, the owner will drive together with the keys hanging close to the leading small identification device lock, start the controller device, the vehicle to normal driving.

2) who lives in the Drum Tower District, Fuzhou cell Li Guangrong Tianquan Regency also has its own coup: the vehicle anti-theft locking device.

Principle: The branch consists of an axis of rotation of the hollow cylinder sets, and in the lock cylinder can be located inside the buckle latch bolt inserted into the buckle slot, then insert the axle through the hole. As long as the key into the hole, you can prevent the body of the axle relative rotation with the sleeve, thereby locking the vehicle. If someone wants to pry open this lock, and that bike had the sleeve body also scrapped. This is also troublesome for the thief.

3) The district is currently being pilot Jiaxing "vehicle tracking card", which is a relatively intelligent tracker.

Principle: vehicle tracking card by the card lock and key cards. Card installed in the electric bike locks, keys cassette in the owners body. Key card has two red and green buttons, and light displays. If you press the red light, then on behalf of the bike has been locked; If you press the green light, said the bike has been unlocked. Vehicle tracking card, the car's color, brand and other information will be entered into the system, in the event of accidents such as vehicle theft, the owner will receive a reminder text messages on mobile phones, and the owner can be found in the security room through the point of this bike , track the location and play the role of video surveillance.

--- Take preventive measures to improve security awareness

Theft of electric vehicles occur from time to time, dozens of monthly incidence, become the motorcycle, bicycle theft after thieves preferred target. Public awareness of poor security is one of the main electric bike stolen. According to police department statistics, parked in the shops, schools, banks, restaurants, supermarkets and other electric vehicles stolen in front of the case, the total electric bikes stolen more than 80%.

The lack of security awareness with consumers has great relevance, how to prevent electric bike stolen it?

The following is the usual life easier way to do:

First, electric bikes do not usually, do not purchase invoices, chargers and other things on the bike;
Do not charge the open day and night;

Work, do not Luantingluanfang, to save time and ask for bike license plates;

Electric bikes do not stamp number or license plate number, vehicle body is best to leave some mark or sign, in order to facilitate the recovery of lost property;

Electric bikes reported stolen in time.