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Electric Scooters for Kids - China

Author : Electric Scooters for Kids-china Date : 2010-11-18 14:31:35

Electric scooters for kids have dramatically improved throughout the years. As they have become wider available, they have also become safer and a lot more varied.  They are also one of the most sought after gifts that children ask for nowadays. No longer are kids happy to have a kick scooter or push scooter, they want something a bit more exciting with a bit more style and credibility.  However, with so much variety out there now, how can you tell which electric scooter is right for your kid?

cheap electric scootersWhen looking for a motorised scooter, there are a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes available on the market. Not only are there the aesthetics of the scooter to consider, there is also the issue of whether you require an electric scooter or a gas powered scooter.  In general, electric scooters are probably the easiest to use since they do not require filling with gas.  Instead, if the battery runs down, then all your child needs to do is plug the unit to an electrical outlet and leave it to charge until they are ready to use it again.
One of the main factors on deciding on which scooter is right for your kid is the age and size of your kid.  Also, your really need to consider whether your kid can be trusted to act responsibly with a motorised scooter.

razor e300 electric scooterAs mentioned, the age and size of your child also pay a very important part in deciding which scooter will be right. The normal 100watt children’s electric scooter is probably the best for children aged between 5 and 8 years old. However, this may be too small for an 8 year old, so you would need to consider something a bit bigger.
The next factor on deciding which scooter would be best for your kid would be to know what terrain they would be enjoying their electric scooter on.  If your child will be using their scooter in an off road or rough road situation, then you would e wise to consider a 250watt minimum scooter.  The reason for this is because most if not all of the scooters below 250watts come with solid rubber wheels.  These wheels are not good for an off road situation since the tyres will easily become worn and will require regular replacement.  With the 250watt and above scooters, they normally come with pneumatic tyres that will be able to handle this environment far better.
If your kid is between 7 and 14 years old, you would do better to consider a 250watt electric scooter.  If your child is larger than the average child, then you should consider an electric scooter that is 350watts or more.  These are great for the older child and even for adults. The ultimate would be the 500watt electric scooter, but your kid needs to be mature enough to handle one of these machines.

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