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EEC homologation,ECE homologation,COC homologation,CE homologation,DOT homologation,EPA homologation for electric scooter in China

Author : EEC certificate,ECE certificate,COC certificate Date : 2010-12-27 21:32:39

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Zhejiang Haoren electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. -- China Top Electric scooter Manufacturer
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 The best quanlity 's homologated Electric scooter and After-service we supply.
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Many Electric scooter  have EEC homologation,ECE homologation,COC homologation,CE homologation,
DOT homologation,EPA homologation.
EU (European Union): 
Latvia          Lithuania            Luxembourg               Hungary
Portugal        Romania            Slovenia                  Cyprus  
Findland        Sweden             United kingdom      Ireland
France         England            Italy                   Slovakia
Others Europe countries : Switzerland Turkey        Russia  
Oceania:     Australia            New Zealand
Belgium       Bulgaria             Czech Republic          Denmark
Malta          Netherlands  Holand Austria                Poland
  Scotland    Estonia             Greece            Spain  Germany
Asian :         Saudi Arabia United     China   Korea  Hong Kong     
                    Arab Emirates  UAE   Taiwan  Japan   Singapore    Thailand    
Africa:         South Africa       Egypt  
Americas :   United States  USA Canada   Mexico  Argentina  Brazil    

Electric scooter  with EEC homologation can sell in EU countries directly.    HR-010,HR-030,HR-020
Electric scooter with DOT homologation can sell in USA, Canada directly.   HR-010,HR-030 ,any HR-models
Electric scooter with Pedal power < 500W can sell in USA ,Canada,Australia directly.  
HR015,HR033,HR034,HR036,HR038 with PEDAL.Any electric bikes.
Other countries dont need EEC or DOT homologation so can sell any Series models.

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