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Here are some explanations and the steps you will take after ordering, to become the proud owner of your electric scooter.


    We ship our electric motorcycle from our port to an EEC (Europe) port (we can ship outside the EEC on the important special conditions below). For delivery to your home, you can simply hire a trailer or hire your local courier to pick up from the shipping port and deliver to your home. You should have 3 or 4 people to lift the 150 kg carton.

Once the scooter is picked up from your port or your local shipping destination, we are no longer responsible for the electric scooter should it be damaged en route to your home.

ASK US(E-mail)for a quote for shipping to your port.
We provide full legal documentation shipped to you by international courier. Docs include:

1: Bill of Lading
2: Purchase document (invoice)
3: Packing list

We will send you all the documents that you require for pick-up as soon as the electric scooter has been shipped.

The Certificate of Conformity (COC for vehicle registration in the EEC) is provided inside the carton with the electric scooter. Sometimes ,send by air-express.


This is how we pack our electric scooter for shipping:

electric scooter

The cartons are 1710 mm long, 1010 mm high and 565 mm wide. Weight is 140kg. The shipping that you pay us gets the electric scooter to your local shipping port.

electric scooter mopedelectric scooter moped 

The buyer is responsible for ALL port and clearance costs above the initial shipping fee. The shipping fees cover shipping from the country of restoration to the nearest major shipping port where you live. It does not cover port charges or customs clearance costs. See below.

    The shipping prices do not include port charges and customs clearance. Please contact your local customs office for info re customs clearance costs in your country. Read below for details.

    You can own a beautiful scooter and live a fun, healthy life while you care for the Earth.

Haoren.com  brings you products and information you can use to empower your dreams of a better life for you and a safer future for our Earth.

1.     You can zip around on stunning motor scooters for a very low cost of fuel or electricity,  

2.     You can experience the delicious health giving quality of a wild mountain stream at home by purifying and alkalising your drinking water,  

3.     You can detox and energize your body and mind with pure living foods made for you by growing plants 


If you have questions regarding the status of your delivery, please contact us at escooter2010@hotmail.com
. Please include your Invoice # in the subject line of the email.

If you have general questions regarding our shipping policy, please contact us at
escooter2010@hotmail.com .